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N Gauge By

David Balderstone


From 2004 to present Introduction

Brandlethorpe part
Since the old pictures a lot has been done on my layout.  New buildings and been install on the line. The upper part of the layout has been re-designed with a petrol station and a garden centre. A new line has been put in so that a head shunt is now available for the station.  New signs on the station have been installed.  More working people have been placed in areas where engineering work takes place.

The main points near the station have been electrified and also the two points under the back part have been replaced. To make sure that the point work properly I have installed a Discharge Unit which gives the points a decent punch when they change.

Stoneview extension
As you can see the whole of the extension has been re-designed, first of all the points (PECO) are all electrified.  The station on this part of the layout is mainly for DMU trains but loco pulled trains can also visit.  There is a hidden siding / return loop where trains can either be turned round or taken off the track to be replaced by another train formation.

Track on the layout whole layout
The track is all Peco track with a small exception of one Fleishman point.  There is now some concrete style track on the layout mainly on the Stoneview part.

There has been quire a lot of scenery changes on the layout.  The Brandlethorpe part the top part has totally been re-designed, this new facilities being installed.  Loads of small details have been addressed and worked on.

Main running of the layout
The layout is a working layout with businesses running and the new dock area at Stoneview.  This allows cargo to either be shipped out to Europe or the world or travel of to other places by rail via the hidden siding which in theory links the line to the rest of Great Britain.  The layout runs a full service with local and national trains.  The tram line is in full operation where visitors to Brandlethorpe come to ride on the line.  There are Hostels and walking facilities for the visitors to enjoy.
David Balderstone



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